I prefer her.

The way her eyes smile when she laughs,

The way her hair dance wildly in the breeze,

The way her lips taste of love 

And spoke nothing but hopes and dreams,

The way she walks, taking delicate steps each time,

A beautiful woman she is,

A presence too pure for this world,

Like an angel.


If I were him, 

I’d prefer her too. 

-Angela Roselyn ❤

Daily Prompt Challenge: Prefer

Hey there, this is Angela and yes, I am taking over the blog for today. My inner bitch was too lazy to think and write today 😂 So, this is my first poem here on this blog and I hope you enjoyed reading that! By the way, this poem was inspired by my own experiences and a song called ‘Girl Crush’ by Little Big Town. 


Holy shit, God of poop!

Thank you so much Kayla for nominating me for this! Also, I would like to apologise for not having this done sooner for reasons I’m not allow to say. However, what matters now is that I’m here and I’m finally doing it. 

A+ for effort!


Anyway, given the concept of my blog, I actually had a hard time deciding whether I should do this using my inner voice character or just in my plain voice.

Don’t understand? Go read my blog. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and use my inner voice on this. I think it would be a rather interesting take on this ‘get-to-know-me’ thing.

Without further ado, here we go!

Describe your writing journey with WordPress so far.

1. An overview of your writing journey. 

I can tell you this. This ain’t the first time my main bitch, Angela, had a blog. Truthfully, this is her 4th blog. 

What happened to the other three? They died. 


Because Angela just left them to die and rot in the internet. 

So much for keeping words alive.

Anyway, after going through the non-existent grief stage over the suicides of these blogs, I can tell you this. Her latest blog (which is this one, duh) is really the one where I can see it going on for long term. 


Because this time, it will be me and not Angela that is writing. And I am determine as hell to not let another blog just die on my watch.

So yeah, I guess that pretty much sums up about this writing journey.

2. Why you decided to join WordPress?

I just googled which is the best blog site to write and WordPress came up No.1 on the list. 

3. Your experience with WordPress so far.

Yeah, it’s not that bad I guess. The readers and my followers especially are such amazing writers! However, it’ll be more amazing if I was on that level of awesomeness too, you know? If only Angela’s life wasn’t too boring and plain to begin with. Like girl, you really need to start living your damn life. I can’t always back you up using humor. Your life is a joke and yet, I’m on the verge of running out of humor to compensate that!

4. Up to FIVE things I love about WordPress.

– My followers.

– The themes.

– My stats.

– My followers.

– And oh, did I mentioned my followers?

5. Up to FIVE things I dislike about WordPress.

Error 404: Server not found.

And the nominees for the ‘Lets talk WordPress tag’ are,

1. Blogging Detective

2. the girl with long black hair

3. Steve Still Standing

So, there you go! Thank you again, Kayla for nominating me! I really appreaciated it. 

Entry #19

So, Angela’s colleague and friend at work has resigned. And today was her last day.

See the beautiful lady next to her?

It’s Angela, of course (duh).

Okay so, before she officially walked out the entrance and leave this company for good, she had everyone to write their goodbyes and wishes for her on her notebook. You know, so that she will have something to look back on and just remember some of the most amazing people (meaning my main bitch) she has ever had the pleasure of working with.

So, with Angela being the youngest in the office, and who is always trying her best to think and act like the seniors in her office, decided that just for today and for her friend, she will be the young and fun girl that she truly is.

So what did she do?

Remember her friend brought a notebook today for those wishes, right?

Well, this is what she wrote on that book.

The result? She loved it! And she had a great laugh about it too! In fact, she was so amused by it, she actually went around showing it to everyone. 

Thank God, not to the managers and the Big Boss though.

Otherwise, Angela is going to have to follow suit.

Dear Angela, 

I’m sorry.

I know this past week has been draining for you both mentally and emotionally. It didn’t help the fact that I was being too unwarily loud for you either. Hence, I will shut my mouth and let you relax your mind over. I hope this will give you all the peace you need to rejuvenate and come back stronger than ever.

Dear readers,

If you are reading this, please, please know that she is a fighter. She has been through a lot shit and so far, she had survived all of them.

In all honesty, the reason why she initially decided to create this blog is because she wanted to have something to read back on in the future and see all the ups and downs she had been through in life to get where she is at that moment. 

However, she also saw that this blog can not only serves as a recording of her life dullest moments, but also, as a therapeuthic platform to vent from a different perspective.

Hence, why I, the voice and character of this blog, exist.

It gave her the chance to express herself more freely through the voice of another. She wasn’t really confident in doing it from her perspective that’s why. She felt too exposed if she did that. She wanted to be able to express herself freely while remaining the false sense of luxury of feeling that she wasn’t too vulnerable at the same time.

And it worked. She had her doubts in the beginning about this concept, but hey, at least it worked.

And I guess along the way, she (I), got a little too excited by this and somehow got carried away. It’s one thing to have a character to be your voice, it’s a whole another thing to be in character as the voice.

This can be tiring at times she realised, and because of that realisation, maybe it’s best to let her relax for now considering the amount shit she has to go through too.

We are not abandoning this blog, she loves it too much to do that. However, the updates will probably be every few days now just so she doesn’t feel the need to call the doctor on me, you know? 

Thank you for listening my dear readers. 


Entry #18

I know I have been gone for a few days without updating this blog whatsoever.

However, I can assure you that Angela did not do anything stupid and illegal that got her in jail for a few days. 

Or did I?

Anyway, one thing is for sure that she is very much alive. 

I mean, she has to. Otherwise, this entry wouldn’t exist.

Though probably not as alive as Moriarty, but you get the picture, right?

Okay I’m rambling now. 

Anyway, moving on, I actually do have a good reason why I’ve been MIA for a few days. And I think for the sake of my dear Angela, I’ll talk about it in the next entry.  

Till then, sayonara!

Entry #17

Yeah okay, I’m just going to show my ranking and covered up the rest because that’s what’s important here. 

Okay, I know my main bitch’s ranking ain’t that high to begin with, but hey, at least she won, right?

She tried really hard and won.

I think that calls for a celebration.

Like I’ve said in a few blog posts before, it’s all about celebrating the little things.

Okay that’s all for tonight because literally, the only thing Angela has been doing these past few days is just playing chess.

As a result, I don’t have anything more interesting than that to write.


Entry #16

Here is an update from my previous blog post on Angela’s progress on the week-long chess match.


Well, I don’t know what else to say now. I don’t even know if I’m more mad than happy that she resigned, or, more happy than mad because I still get to keep both of our sanity in check.

Whatever it is, despite being the most exhausting match that Angela has ever played, it was undoubtly the best one too since she didn’t make it too easy for her opponent as well to win this.

Maybe I’m just biased since she is my main bitch after all. However, let’s not forget that it did took a week for the both of them to reach the end game. 

Anyway, I’m tired. I’m just going to sleep now. 


Hey yo!

So, it’s been a few blog posts since I last updated about Angela’s chess-playing habit. 

Well, there is a reason for that. 

Look at the image below.

Looks normal, right?

Well, you should know that this seemingly normal match has been going on for 7 fucking days now!

Yes, you read that right. 7 days. Which is a week. Angela has been cracking her brain for a week now to play this match. And while she does that, I’m over here losing sanity over this match.

Imagine that, the inner voice is going crazy. If I go crazy, then Angela will go crazy too. And that’s not even the worst part about this!

Curious to know what’s worse than losing your sanity?

It’s losing the fucking match!

As you can see, my main bitch is on the verge of losing the match too. After cracking her brain and putting laser-like focus into the game for a week now, she is about to lose the game. 


Help me! 

Help her! 



I know this isn’t Youtube nor my main bitch sings like Adele, but hey, I figure a little something out of the ordinary for WordPress wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

Plus, my main bitch loves singing too much. So, I thought, why not I spread a little bit of that love here too? And besides, look at that attitude she’s giving! You go girl!

So, yeah.

Enjoy it.

Or not.

Okay bye. 

Entry #13

Okay fine, I’ll do it.

Jesus Christ, Angela, why do you love her more than you love me? Girl, I’m the voice in your head. Get your head in the game because I should be your top priority.

Get your priorities sorted, ‘Hermoine’.

Anyway, she wants a fan letter, right? Alright, here it goes.

Dear fan,


I mean, I appreciate the fact that you love everything that I talk about, especially on matters that concerns our one of a kind asshole, Angela, that we both love and adore to the core.

However, if truth be told, I do get jealous of you a little bit. And when I say a little bit, I meant like a lot to the point I just want to physically strangle you sometimes even though I don’t have the hands to do it.


Because you are the voice she listens to more. 

So yeah, if anything, I should be asking you to write me a fan letter. Not the other way around.

Just keep our bitch happy when you can. Alright? You know how she is anyway. That bitch doesn’t a have the slightest clue that she is one lucky girl to not only have one, but two voices that she could depend on for life. 

Okay, that’s all I have to say now. 


Yours truly,

The neglected voice.